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The latest in the most innovative aerodynamic spoiler system since the Apollo Space program. The spoiler kit will improve handling and down force like nothing on the market today. Made of hi-tech graphite components and developed especially to fit many makes and models... actually we only made one prototype but it will be going to production soon... we think! With a drill and some screws we're certain it will fit on most cool cars. Easy installation instructions and a bag of screws will be included. You will be the talk of the race track or the Friday night cruise-in. This is a fictional story… but you just never know!
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Officially known as the EXP 500, the Green Hornet’s genesis began as a Lime Gold hardtop then made its way to Shelby’s facility... replaced the 390 with a 428 Cobra Jet V-8 topped with a Conelec electronic fuel-injection system.
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Pontiac Bonneville station wagon rusted and abandoned on Morro Bay, CA Sand Spit - uncovered by winter storms. Reported to have been stalled here in 1973. Very Cool!
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Artist Quote: This work begins as 3D drawings on a computer. I utilize a large format printer to translate the digital into the real world as a flat inkjet print. I then cut, fold and glue these numbered and labeled shapes together much like a complicated three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle.
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For a collector, pedal cars have one big advantage over their full-scale inspirations: They don’t take up much space. Ed and Christy Ramsey spent a lifetime building their collection, acquiring some of the finest pedal cars made in America. Now that collection is heading for the auction block.
All original, right down to its nickel plating and two-tone color scheme, is this Gendron 1926 Stutz pull toy. Estimate: $20,000-$30,000
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With the release of "Smokey and the Bandit", the Bandit Special Edition black and gold Trans Am would become one of the most popular, most well known muscle cars of all time. The movie and the car generated an almost cult-like following. The movie and its popularity didn't hurt sales either. There were more Trans Am's sold in '77 and '78 than ever before, 93,351 to be exact.

Article & Image courtesy of firebirdgallery.com

When production started on the Starsky & Hutch TV pilot episode, Ford Motor Company's Studio-TV Car Loan Program was the lease supplier for Spelling-Goldberg. They looked at lease stock and chose two 1975 351 Windsor V8-powered VIN code H "Bright Red" (paint code 2B) 2-door Gran Torinos. Both cars had a 'role' in the pilot movie. They each had body-side moldings along with a black interior with vinyl bench seats. Interestingly, one of the 'pilot' cars had the 'luxury' remote-control chrome mirrors installed, while the other 'pilot' car had the cheaper, entry-level manual chrome mirrors installed. The cars were also custom painted with the distinctive white vector stripe designed by Spelling-Goldberg's transportation coordinator George Grenier. The rear ends were lifted by air shocks, and had U.S. brand 5-slot mag wheels added with larger rear tires.

Article courtesy of Wikipedia

Just another day browsing the classifieds… eager to find the car of his dreams, Edwin gets a lead on a very clean 1967 Mustang.  When he arrives at the address he was given, he says to himself  "I wonder why that sign says salvage yard".  Oh well, the guy on the phone said the car was clean.  As Edwin pulls up along side a small shack he sees the car of his dreams.  The only problem is that the car doesn't look quite right.  The Mustang owner walks out of a small door in the side of the shack and says "hey" as he spits through his death.  "That there is the rarest Mustang they ever made" he says.  "They only made a handful of them."  Edwin, keen to listen to the fascinating tale, finally asks "why does look like that"  The old man reply's "that's how they shipped them from the factory… they came in two pieces."  This is a fictional story… but you just never know.

Image courtesy of rustingmusclecars.com

The all-new Ford-licensed 1967 Mustang body is built with greater strength than the original stamping, and has room up front for all small- or big-block Ford V-8 engines. The 1967 convertible brings the total to four of the reproduction body shells available from Ford via Dynacorn International: including the ’65 convertible, ’67 fastback and ’69 fastback. Dynacorn says the uprated version of the classic convertible features slightly thicker steel and added reinforcements fused together with modern welding techniques for a stronger overall body shell.  Prices start at $15,995 US.

Article & Image courtesy of Hemmings Motor News Blog

Did Carroll Shelby buy the Cobra name and logo from Crosley for $1? Indeed, Carroll Shelby began his racing career in an MG-based special in 1952, right about the same time Crosley was throwing in the towel on the car business. Crosley-engined specials, however, remained in competition for several years afterward, so it’s possible that Shelby would have gridded alongside those cars early on in his career. On the other hand, those Crosley-engined specials would most likely have not run the CoBra engine.
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Steve McQueen legendary racing film Le Mans racing suit he wore in the film has sold for a whopping $984,000. McQueen’s Solar Productions originally donated the suit in 1971 to a British newspaper for a special Le Mans-themed contest, won by a 12-year-old.

Article & Image courtesy of Hemmings Motor News Blog

Just another day at the race track... just as Jeff approaches the staging line a bug becomes lodged in his new super sonic safety goggles that he received after sending away three box tops from his favorite Jet Blaster Crunchy O's cereal. As the bug moves around Jeff loses his concentration and pops the clutch... the Briggs and Stratton slams into action lifting the dragster into a fierce wheelie - spinning the lawn mower rubber into a frenzy. The light goes green and the rest is history.
This is a fictional story... but you just never know!

Picture courtesy of Justacarguy Blog

1967 Mustang Stallion... A limited edition dealer option from Mainway Ford in Toronto, Ontario. The cars came from the factory with the 390, 4 bbl and 4 speed transmission. Mainway then replaced the rear tail-light panel and tail-lights with 1967 Cougar units, chromed the side vents, and added the chrome trimmed, vinyl along the fastback. The interior features the brushed aluminum panels that were a Mustang option. Stallion badges were added to the fenders and the trunk lid, pop open gas cap with the Stallion graphic and a similar badge on the passenger side dash. The graphic is a rearing Stallion!

Article courtesy of mustangspecs.com

Shelby De Mexico was originally introduced in 1967 after a partnership was struck with Carroll Shelby. In 1969, 306 Shelby's that were produced were based on 302hp powered Mustang hardtops. The cars had fiberglass roofline extensions that created a fastback look. Their front sheet metal was near-stock Mustang, but the slightly bulged hoods were fiberglass, their deck lids had spoilers and the taillights were from the 1965 Thunderbird. Several of the 1969 Shelby de Mexico GT-350s have become very collectible.

Article & Image courtesy of Justacarguy Blog

Just another day stuck in traffic... On a hot summer day there is no escaping the heat.   Carlton sits in his '69 Ford wagon wishing that he paid the extra $146.00 for the air conditioning option.  His new yellow shirt is giving him no relief... hey, wait a minute.  As Carlton turns sharply to left he notices the new '72 Ford Ranch Wagon slowly cruise up beside him.  Wow... what a cool car.  No, literally what a cool car... the windows all rolled up, the driver's hair wisp's around as the air conditioning circulates the cold air through the interior.  And the wood grain... Oh, the wood grain.  Carlton mumbles under his breath... I've got to get me one of those new Ranch Wagons!! This is a fictional story... but you just never know!

Image from a Ford Autolite Auto Tips supplement; Volume 1, No. 4 1968; published quarterly by Ford of Canada; articles included the Mustang Auto Daredevils Tournament of Thrills that were supplied with new Mustangs for their shows.

During the 1950's and 1960's colour car advertisements in print magazines became one of the most popular ways for car manufacturers to reach a target market. Various forms of car ads were placed in different types of magazines. Some of the most popular today are the original art work ads.

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